Long Point Causeway Improvement Project


Map of wildlife culverts

culvert map

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Constructed in 2012 — H1 large hydraulic, T2 open grate terrestrial, T1 concrete box terrestrial/hydraulic (HSP funded)

Under Construction in 2014-15 (now) – T8,T7 and T5 open grate terrestrial (HSP funded);T6 and T4 concrete box terrestrial/hydraulic (NWCF funded)

Proposed for 2015-16 – H2 large hydraulic (NWCF funding requested); T3 open grate terrestrial and exclusion fencing (HSP funded)

Proposed for 2016-17 – H3 large hydraulic (NWCF funding requested); T9 open grate terrestrial and exclusion fencing (HSP to be requested)

Potential sources of matching funding – US Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund, Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes

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