Long Point Causeway Improvement Project


Work underway to reduce road kill on causeway

Work to reduce the annual road kill of turtles, snakes and frogs on the Long Point causeway began this week thanks to $30,300 in financial support from Ontario’s Species at Risk Stewardship Fund. The funding for the causeway work was announced by Toby Barrett, MPP for Haldimand-Norfolk, on behalf of Minister of Natural Resources Donna Cansfield. The Long Point Causeway Improvement Project (LPCIP) is installing one-metre high, temporary fencing along sections of the causeway where studies have shown that most road kills occur. Mounds of sand will also placed in the road allowance to create alternative nesting sites for turtles[…]

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Project Plan

You may wish to download our complete plan to improve the Long Point Causeway. This is a 50 megabyte file so it will take a couple of hours to download if you have a slow connection.

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Fast facts about the Causeway

Originally, there were four bridges along the causeway. The first one was over a small creek not far from the mainland. The next bridge over the Port Royal Ship Canal – a grand name for a channel dug through the marsh to allow the transport of logs to the bay. There was also a bridge south of the old Hamilton Big Creek Hunt Club (now the Canadian Wildlife Service buildings) and lastly a large bridge over the historic outflow of Big Creek, across from the Sandboy Marina. Only the Ship Channel (what everyone now calls Big Creek) remains. On average,[…]

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Can the Causeway be redesigned?

Here’s a scan of an article by Paul Ashley, a biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service. It gives the history of the Long Point causeway and considers what can be done to improve it. This was originally published in Birdwatch Canada.

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