Long Point Causeway Improvement Project


Public speaks out in favor of Causeway Project

Over the past four months, a small, but vocal group has used misinformation and scare tactics to create opposition to the Causeway Improvement Project. They have made three deputations to Norfolk County Council and initiated a letter-writing campaign asking Council to abandon the Project.

In response, we asked members of the community who support the Project to write letters or e-mails to Council encouraging the Mayor and Council members to maintain the Council’s endorsement of the Project, which it provided in July in response to a deputation by the Causeway Project Steering Committee.

We are publishing a selection of quotes from the many thoughtful letters sent in to Council by members of the public who support the Project.

“This is a great project that will have little or no negative impacts on the daily lives of local people while providing great benefits such as increased safety, natural history education and awareness, and increased ecosystem services.” Matt Keevil

“Please do not bring the Long Point Causeway Improvement Project to an end for totally unsubstantiated concerns regarding ‘increased’ tax dollars or for the preservation of a few non-endangered and non-native trees.” Teresa Piraino

“The time to act is now, and if we do not, the reality is that we will lose some of the species of the Big Creek area forever.” Teresa Piraino

“Our efforts today will mean a chance for these species in the future.” Jessica Sontrop

“If we fail to take advantage of today’s opportunity to install an improved Causeway, there will undoubtedly be further declines in sensitive animal populations accompanied by the highly probable extirpation (local extinction) of the most sensitive species.” William J. Lyons

“Do we sit by idly and hope that animals somehow acquire the ability to look both ways before they cross the road? Or do we take pro-active and precautionary actions combined with scientifically supported data to redesign the Causeway so that animals can cross it safely?.” William J. Lyons

“Through my research efforts and studies by others in the scientific community, it has been determined that continuing mortality on the Causeway WILL cause permanent loss of these populations. This is not speculation.” Scott Gillingwater

“This project is one of the most worthwhile community initiatives in which we have been involved. It will achieve a safer roadway for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The road currently doesn’t meet minimum standards. We’ve all had close calls of some sort.” Susan and Jim Malcolm

“It is wonderful that people can live in such wild and lush places…But such places will not survive if a balance between human and natural needs is not reached.” Cara Van Ness

“Traffic mortality is a serious issue for long-lived, late-maturing species like turtles.” David Seburn

“We watch cyclists and pedestrians regularly moving past our property in tourism months while cars, trucks and trailers whiz by. It is only a matter of time until there is a tragedy.” George Finney

“The existing Causeway is clearly substandard and will eventually require significant maintenance and upgrade.” Arnold Freitag

“The Long Point Causeway has one of the highest rates of amphibian and reptile road mortalities in the world and these losses are threatening a number of rare and endangered species. Some of this carnage is in fact intentional and some accidental, but both are a direct function of building a roadway right through a wetland complex and not providing adequate eco-passages for wildlife.” Dr. Scott Petrie

“The project represents a unique opportunity to improve both ecological sustainability and human use opportunities of the Causeway.” Kent Prior

“This effort along the Causeway is one of a kind, and will protect some of the largest SAR turtle populations left in Canada. Our efforts today will mean a chance for these species in the future.” Karen Pugh

“Please add my voice to those who know that something must be done to preserve the richness of the area and want to see this project proceed.” Dennis Price

“It would be very tragic outcome if the project were derailed because some people just didn’t have the facts.” Betty Chanyi

“People need to be informed by the people who have the knowledge and expertise to tell the truth. I feel the project needs to go ahead before it is too late.” Pam Elliott

“The coalition trying to improve the Causeway has done its homework well and deserves support.” Dolf Wynia

“I biked it (Causeway) once and decided ‘never again’.” Diane Salter

“I feel this is an investment for the future of your beautiful community and objections of some to the updating of this infrastructure is short sighted.” Bob Johnson

“There is no doubt that if the Long Point Causeway was being designed today, rather than 80 years ago, it would never be allowed to proceed as it is currently configured. In fact, it would undoubtedly incorporate most, if not all, of the conceptual elements that are now being proposed.” Jon McCracken

“This is a benchmark opportunity for conservation and awareness, one that will lead the way for other sites across Canada, and North America.”