Long Point Causeway Improvement Project


Taking action to protect Long Point’s wildlife and wetlands

Here is what we have accomplished to date:

  • Initiated, funded and commissioned comprehensive feasibility study on how to reduce wildlife road kill, restore historic aquatic connections between the Big Creek Marsh and Inner Bay, improve public safety and enhance the natural attractiveness of the Causeway
  • Consulted widely with community and government agencies on project, including two complete Environmental Assessments
  • Initiated, funded and carried out several measures to reduce wildlife road mortality including the installation of 4,500 metres of wildlife barrier fencing, artificial nesting mounds for turtles, seven terrestrial and two aquatic wildlife culverts and signage to alert drivers to watch for wildlife on the roadway
  • Carried out monitoring studies of wildlife road mortality along the Causeway over the past eight summers to verify the effectiveness of our work
  • Succeeded in reducing road kill of many species, including Species at Risk turtles and snakes by more than 50 per cent
  • Attracted significant interest in media and scientific community about the proposed work including presentations to the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, Carolinian Canada Coalition, Ontario Road Ecology Group and Town of Oakville Symposium on Road Ecology
  • Secured nearly $2.5 million in funding to support project
  • Secured hundreds of hours of volunteer time in support of project
  • Accomplished all of the above at very little cost ($64,000) to Norfolk County taxpayers.